Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The fight, the sacrifice.

Writhing in pain
It was by he that the deadly strike was lain
I edged toward my sword
To lose, I could not afford

I raised it high
Screaming a war cry
I threw it
Hoping through his back it would hit

Soaring through the air
But with his iron sword
Mine could not compare
Warding it off

I had thought all was lost
Then I heard him cough
His body stiff like frost

Then he collapsed
Against the floor his body slaps
Perplexed as I was
I had no time to pause

I rose to my feet
I felt so beat
But I stumbled over
Nudging away his armor

I raised my blade
I thousand tons it weighed
I let it drop
Only to see it stop

Levitating above his body
A shiver went down my spine ever so chilly
I slammed my fist down on the handle
It wouldn’t budge, my effort was idle

He shot up
Around my neck, his hands a cup
He rendered my breathless
How could I have been so careless?

I had a trick up my sleeve
If I could pull it off, I would not grieve
But my arms couldn’t move
My muscles did not approve

A start button just inches away
I would get it and make a kamikaze
I could end this war
About me written a memoir

I had to make the sacrifice
To detonate this deadly device
And laid upon a honorable grave
Because of my self sacrificial save

I managed to press the button
Then I was roasted just like bacon
Having saved my country, like a tree
I was forever planted in history...

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Breakup

Heart torn apart
Once again I’m at the start
Watching you leave
My eyes could not believe

We’d gone so far
Why end it now?
After all we’ve been through
I cannot comprehend how...

After all those years together
How can they just wither?
All those times filled with joy
Was I just a toy?

Now I’m filled with doubt
What was all that about?
Overwhelmed by a broken heart
From this relationship we just depart

Your love was never true
But I had no clue
I was under a spell
So strong I fell

Love is a strong thing
Never would it come so easily
I was in a fake reality
Ever so deceiving

I remember the look in your eyes
They contained so many lies
I remember the warmth of your lips
The swaying of your hips

It had all been fake
I was never awake
It had been a dream too good
Too perfect a livelihood

All gone too fast
Why couldn’t it just last?
I had to wake up
To face reality, instead of this mixup

I roam the streets on my own
My heart recently blown
But life had to go on
So let bygones be bygones...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Despairs of Hiroshima

A flash of light
Ever so bright
The rays of heat
Making me feel beat

The light got brighter
I felt so much lighter
I was thrown across the room
By the blast of the giant cloud shaped like mushroom

Scratches, bruises covered my body
Radiation filling my cells amply
I felt weak
I could not speak

Pain surged through my veins
Hiroshima left in remains
I looked out of the room
Staring straight at me, the face of doom

The whole city in rubble
Covered in gravel
As I dug my way out of a collapsed building
I found many bleeding

Many people dead
It hurt me to see all this bloodshed
The city up in flames
Having only the atomic bomb to blame

A perfect day
Turned upside down
I was filled with dismay
Upon my face a strong frown

I felt my body limp
Upon a stretcher
I heard cries of agony
As people lay injured on the hospital ground awfully

Loved ones lost
Into the mass graves they were tossed
An arrow through my heart
From earth they depart

Being fortunate to survive
I treasured so much I was still alive
To see people collapse radiation stricken
A fatal omen

I live until today
To tell my story, forever in my heart it stays
The pain I suffered
Especially from seeing my loved ones battered...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A kiss

Kiss me and my heart will flutter
Do it over the computer and my heart will turn to butter...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jesus' Crucifixion

Crucified upon the cross
The betrayer at his loss
Left him for dead
Why had he such dread?

For money was his only reason
He had committed treason
He had betrayed God
Such a fraud

During the last supper
He had spoken of this traitor
But had not revealed him
As he knew that God had planned this in

He had told his disciple, Peter
He would deny him three times later
Peter promised to avoid his denial
But what Jesus says will always be real

Upon his back
The whip had slashed
Sending blood oozing
From his flesh

On his head
Set a crown of thorns
Pain like piercing lead
Making him mourn

Suffered he had
Made him beyond sad
Still he carried upon his bare shoulder
The cross was set on his raw collar

A stranger helped carry the cross
Up the hill to a place of future chaos
The cross was planted
Where Jesus was later tormented

A nail through each palm
He still remained calm
As he knew this was his destiny
For men to be saved shortly

Companions on the cross
One’s faith touched Him
He promised him no loss
He would go to heaven with Him

That night storms swept the land
God’s anger
Taking a stand
Making the night so much darker

Jesus’ body set in a tomb
A particularly dark room
Covered in linen
He was raised to God’s haven

Three days later
Linen left behind
Jesus resurrected from the grave
In mankind this story engraved

Proof of his real identity
In his hands were holes
From those nails so nasty

Amazement flooded the earth
Unknown to them
That night had been mankind’s rebirth...

~Distant Love~

Whenever I brush past
I feel her warm gush
It would be a blast
Making me blush

From the corner of my eye
I see her smile
Wishing it would be for me
Just for a while

I gaze from afar
See her laugh
Leaving in my heart a scar
Knowing it would never be on my behalf

Seeing another guy by her side
I rest my head in my hand
And then I cried
If only I could be that guy, I would feel so grand

She kept me at bay
The reason I need not say
And I was heartbroken
Words from my heart left unspoken

Swearing within me
Her rejection was like a leech
Clinging on to me
Obstructing her from my reach

Imagine this
Sitting at the treetop
Receiving her kiss
My heart would stop

If I had the means
I would make you feel special
But we are just teens
We cannot just settle