Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The fight, the sacrifice.

Writhing in pain
It was by he that the deadly strike was lain
I edged toward my sword
To lose, I could not afford

I raised it high
Screaming a war cry
I threw it
Hoping through his back it would hit

Soaring through the air
But with his iron sword
Mine could not compare
Warding it off

I had thought all was lost
Then I heard him cough
His body stiff like frost

Then he collapsed
Against the floor his body slaps
Perplexed as I was
I had no time to pause

I rose to my feet
I felt so beat
But I stumbled over
Nudging away his armor

I raised my blade
I thousand tons it weighed
I let it drop
Only to see it stop

Levitating above his body
A shiver went down my spine ever so chilly
I slammed my fist down on the handle
It wouldn’t budge, my effort was idle

He shot up
Around my neck, his hands a cup
He rendered my breathless
How could I have been so careless?

I had a trick up my sleeve
If I could pull it off, I would not grieve
But my arms couldn’t move
My muscles did not approve

A start button just inches away
I would get it and make a kamikaze
I could end this war
About me written a memoir

I had to make the sacrifice
To detonate this deadly device
And laid upon a honorable grave
Because of my self sacrificial save

I managed to press the button
Then I was roasted just like bacon
Having saved my country, like a tree
I was forever planted in history...

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