Monday, January 30, 2012

The Breakup

Heart torn apart
Once again I’m at the start
Watching you leave
My eyes could not believe

We’d gone so far
Why end it now?
After all we’ve been through
I cannot comprehend how...

After all those years together
How can they just wither?
All those times filled with joy
Was I just a toy?

Now I’m filled with doubt
What was all that about?
Overwhelmed by a broken heart
From this relationship we just depart

Your love was never true
But I had no clue
I was under a spell
So strong I fell

Love is a strong thing
Never would it come so easily
I was in a fake reality
Ever so deceiving

I remember the look in your eyes
They contained so many lies
I remember the warmth of your lips
The swaying of your hips

It had all been fake
I was never awake
It had been a dream too good
Too perfect a livelihood

All gone too fast
Why couldn’t it just last?
I had to wake up
To face reality, instead of this mixup

I roam the streets on my own
My heart recently blown
But life had to go on
So let bygones be bygones...

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