Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Despairs of Hiroshima

A flash of light
Ever so bright
The rays of heat
Making me feel beat

The light got brighter
I felt so much lighter
I was thrown across the room
By the blast of the giant cloud shaped like mushroom

Scratches, bruises covered my body
Radiation filling my cells amply
I felt weak
I could not speak

Pain surged through my veins
Hiroshima left in remains
I looked out of the room
Staring straight at me, the face of doom

The whole city in rubble
Covered in gravel
As I dug my way out of a collapsed building
I found many bleeding

Many people dead
It hurt me to see all this bloodshed
The city up in flames
Having only the atomic bomb to blame

A perfect day
Turned upside down
I was filled with dismay
Upon my face a strong frown

I felt my body limp
Upon a stretcher
I heard cries of agony
As people lay injured on the hospital ground awfully

Loved ones lost
Into the mass graves they were tossed
An arrow through my heart
From earth they depart

Being fortunate to survive
I treasured so much I was still alive
To see people collapse radiation stricken
A fatal omen

I live until today
To tell my story, forever in my heart it stays
The pain I suffered
Especially from seeing my loved ones battered...

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