Monday, January 23, 2012

~Distant Love~

Whenever I brush past
I feel her warm gush
It would be a blast
Making me blush

From the corner of my eye
I see her smile
Wishing it would be for me
Just for a while

I gaze from afar
See her laugh
Leaving in my heart a scar
Knowing it would never be on my behalf

Seeing another guy by her side
I rest my head in my hand
And then I cried
If only I could be that guy, I would feel so grand

She kept me at bay
The reason I need not say
And I was heartbroken
Words from my heart left unspoken

Swearing within me
Her rejection was like a leech
Clinging on to me
Obstructing her from my reach

Imagine this
Sitting at the treetop
Receiving her kiss
My heart would stop

If I had the means
I would make you feel special
But we are just teens
We cannot just settle

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